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Find wearable art pieces that you can keep and treasure. Elevate your wardrobe with colors in subtle shades of pastels.

Welcome To Teelie Turner Fashions

On June 9th, 2022, Teelie Turner Fashions officially launched seven collections of whimsical and diverse clothing and accessories. This is a new endeavor for Teelie Turner who was inspired to start this line of clothing based on a series of her magical books. Two of the books in the Gigi the Chic Fairy series are set in Paris. Since then, Teelie Turner Fashions has added more collections which are all based on a Parisian theme. She wants to have all holidays and seasons represented. For Valentine’s Day four collections have been created. Each of these Teelie Turner Fashions is based on current fashion trends and has a fresh, fashion forward look to it. The clothing is also extremely versatile and can be mixed and matched to create an outfit for casual and black-tie events.

Teelie Turner Fashions has also released two collections of stylish leisure wear. Each design is 100% original and has been created by a talented graphic designer.

Teelie Turner Fashions is also working to offer clothing including over pieces and plus sizes, shoes, accessories, throw pillows, umbrellas, candles, coffee cups, wine glasses, and tableware including matching plates and placemats.

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Glittering Emerald

Discover Teelie Turner's Stunning Summer Fashions

Step into summer with the stunning pieces from Teelie Turner Fashions! Our latest collection is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe, featuring a selection of enchanting designs. To start, feel like you’re walking through Paris in our gorgeous Parisian Summer ensemble-an uplifting palette of pink, red and white motifs that will make any occasion special. If you want to turn heads at the next social gathering, check out the lively colors in Parisian Bouquet-a mix of bright reds, turquoise, pinks and soft greens for an unforgettable look. And don’t forget about Flutter on Love in Peach and Flutter of Love in White-the golden glitter accents perfectly match the dainty bouquets of flowers and intricate details that are sure to garner compliments. Finally, channel your inner fashionista in our iconic Parisian Moonlight design – its classic combination of black and white florals create an outfit that is both timeless and stylish. As we move into these warmer months, be sure to refresh your wardrobe with something extra special from Teelie Turner Fashions.

Discover Teelie Turner's Whimsical Fashions

In this enchanted edition of her online magazine, you’ll have the opportunity to see four of the Teelie Turner Fashion collections which are gorgeous and fashion forward.

Designer Picks​

Tropical Pink Paradise Lea Wrap Dress
ST. Thomas Paradise YK Kimono Wrap
Caribbean Celebration FELICIA DRESS
Parisian Sea Breeze Michelle Dress II


Coming Soon-Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy's Handbags!

Get ready to make a magical statement with Coming Soon-Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy’s Handbags! Our two beautiful collections, the Parisian Fairy Balloons and the Gigi In Paris Collection feature whimsical designs that turn heads and define fashion. From Gigi herself to shades of beautiful pastels, these handbags are the perfect combination of fun and trend. Whether you’re headed to a night out on the town or around town for errands, our Gigi handbags make it easier than ever to make a style statement. Dreamy, whimsical, and chic, Gigi the Magical Chic Fairy’s handbags reflect your unique style and personality. So get ready to stand out in style with Gigi’s handbags! Stay Tuned!

1. Gigi In Paris Kika Tote

Take your style to the next level with the Gigi In Paris Kika Tote. This gorgeous tote is designed to inspire you to explore the world in style. Showcasing Gigi’s whimsical take on the streets of Paris with beautiful blue hues, this tote needs to be seen from every angle. Coming Soon!

2. Gigi's Parisian Fairy Balloons Crossbody Bag With Chain

Get ready to flutter around in style with Gigi’s Parisian Fairy Balloons Crossbody Bag With Chain! This whimsical wonder from the designer’s most recent collection is the ideal accompaniment to all your special occasions. Crafted from gorgeous pastel colors, this bag looks like a bundle of fairy balloons in the most charming hues. Coming Soon!

3. Gigi's Parisian Fairy Balloons Handbag

Introducing Gigi’s most whimsical and delightful accessory of the season – our Parisian Fairy Balloons Handbag! Add a dose of color, sweetness, and fashion to your wardrobe with this magical piece of art. Even the most seasoned fashionista can be captivated by its whimsical charm.  Coming Soon!

4. Gigi In Paris Crossbody Bag With Chain

Unwind in the City of Lights with Gigi’s In Paris Crossbody Bag With Chain! This statement-making bag is ideal for the modern, fun-loving fashionista who appreciates a unique artist’s touch. You will be the envy of the crowd in a blue, whimsical style inspired by the streets of Paris. Coming Soon!


Looks Like A Home Run For Luxury With The Parisian Autumn Latte Collection

Welcome to the ultimate in autumn luxury with Teelie Turner Fashions’ newest Parisian Latte Collection! Whether you are an adventurous trendsetter or prefer tried-and-true classics, Teelie offers a unique selection of chic items that will have you dressed for success in no time. Are you in need of an eye-catching bag to hold all of your everyday essentials? Crafted with only the finest leather and luxurious fabrics, the bags in this collection combine modern ideas of elegance with signature Teelie Turner style.
This Week’s Style Star

Parisian Fairy Balloons

Attention fashionistas! Introducing Parisian Fairy Balloons by Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy. Get that classic Parisian look with Gigi In Paris Collection. What better way to show off your high fashion style than with these whimsically beautiful pastel-colored pieces. Whether you are wandering a magical fairy path one night or turning heads in the office, you will feel just as elegant as Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy! Let these styles take you to an enchanting world of chic. Get the conversation rolling with your Parisian Fairy Balloons—our This Week’s Style Star!

This Week’s Style Star

Brand Teelie Turner Fashions

“We all have those go-to pieces in our closet that we keep for years and literally wear out before we retire them. I’m here to make the go-tos, the keepers.” – Jamie Okuma

This Week’s Style Star

This Holiday Season Do You Want a Fur Cape You will Love

Why not be festive and stylish this holiday season with a fur cape you will love! This luxurious cape comes in three chic colors – white, black and wine red. Whether you are attending a holiday party or spending time with family, you will be sure to turn heads and stay warm in this beautiful fur cape. The soft material is not only comfortable but also keeps you extremely snug on even the coldest winter days. So don’t delay, get your hands on one of these fabulous fur capes today!

Our Collections

Fairy Pastel Glow

Gigi In Paris

Parisian Fairy Balloons

Pastel Fairy Shimmer

Lavender Parisian Swirls

Parisian Cloudy Sky

Parisian Autumn Breeze


Parisian Autumn Latte

Joyeux Noel

Blue Parisian Holiday

Parisian Blue Snowflakes

Parisian City Girl

Pink Parisian Flowers Of Love

Magenta Parisian Flowers Of Love

A Parisian Romance

Love's Magic In Paris

Glittering Emerald

Flutter Of Love In Peach

Flutter Of Love In White

Parisian Bouquet

Pink Passionate Floral Bouquet

Passionate Peach Floral Bouquet

Magical Bouquet Of Mystery

Parisian Summer

Parisian Moonlight

Floral Patriotic Celebration

Caribbean Beach Paradise

Parisian Sea Breeze

Caribbean Tropical Palms

Caribbean Celebration

ST. Thomas Paradise

Tropical Pink Paradise

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